Callieʼs Memory
Callieʼs Memory

Callieʼs Memory

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Itoh, Yellow/Cream, Multi-coloured, Single/Semi-Double, Midseason, 76cm (30")

It's difficult to classify the colour of Callie's Memory's abundant flowers.  Are they yellow, cream, rosy pink or apricot? Yes, all  of the above, plus dark burgundy flares at the flower centres, and light purple accents on their semi-double petals. One of our favourite Itohs, this peony is an elegant addition to the garden and has a prolific blooming habit, extended bloom time and robust foliage and stems. Also an excellent cut flower and produces attractive seed pods.  Rather sweet that it's named after the breeder's dog. (Roger F. Anderson, USA, 1999). Limited quantity available this year.


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