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Bartzella-Peony-Caledon Hills Peony Farm
Bartzella-Peony-Caledon Hills Peony Farm


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Itoh, Yellow, Double, Late-Midseason, Fragrant, Award Winner, 86cm, 34”

Everyone loves this arresting clear yellow, late-midseason Itoh. In fact it was the #1 favourite in an American Peony Society survey last year. Featuring scarlet flares in the middle of its abundant 6-8 inch double blooms, it's an award-winning plant with a lemony fragrance and attractive foliage. Bartzella is a real stand-out in the garden, and like most Itohs it will tolerate a little bit of shade. American Peony Society Gold Medal 2006 plus APS Grand Champion National Exhibitions 2002 and Award of Landscape Merit 2009. (Roger F. Anderson, 1986)

  On hold for propagation until 2024.