Itoh Peonies - the best of both worlds.

Itoh Peonies (also known as intersectionals) have the remarkable flowers and handsome foliage of Tree Peonies on herbaceous plants with tops that die back to approximately 1-2" above ground level in the winter. They form compact, 2-3' tall, rounded plants with abundant blooms held on strong stems. Like other types of Peonies, they are deer resistant.

Itoh peonies are the result of a cross made between Herbaceous Peonies and Tree Peonies (woody shrubs). First hybridized by Toichi Itoh in the 1940s, the early intersectionals were extremely rare and sold for up to $1000 and only 15 years ago would have cost $500. Luckily for us there are now many varieties available at much more reasonable prices.

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