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Salmon Dream-Peony-Caledon Hills Peony Farm
Salmon Dream

Salmon Dream

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Herbaceous Hybrid, Salmon Pink, Semi-Double, Early, Award Winner, Bee Friendly, 71cm, 28”

This dreamy peony will make your garden shine with an early show of velvety salmon-pink, cup-shaped blooms that cradle golden and green centres. A multiple award winner and an excellent garden plant, it has attractive foliage and sturdy stems that need no support. A good cut flower too. Produces fertile pollen and seeds. Sidebuds prolong bloom period. One of our favourites.  A cross between Paula Fay and Moonrise. American Peony Society Gold Medal 2008 plus Award of Landscape Merit 2009 and Peony of The Year 2009, (D.L. Reath, USA, 1979).

 On hold for propagation until 2024.