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Scarlett OʼHara-Peony-Caledon Hills Peony Farm
Scarlett OʼHara-Peony-Caledon Hills Peony Farm

Scarlet OʼHara

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Herbaceous Hybrid, Red, Single, Early, Fragrant, Award Winner, 91cm, 36”

A smashing early bright pinkish-red peony that will liven up your garden with its showy, scarlet, poppy-like blooms. Featuring striking golden stamen-filled centres, with strong stems and large buds, this robust, reliable plant is also valued as a cut flower. Lightly fragrant. Needs no support. One of my favourites! It often has lighter stripes on the outside of its petals - like tulips! As you can tell I'm pretty partial to this variety. Award of Landscape Merit 2009, (Falk-Glasscock 1956).

 On hold for propagation until 2024.